Healing Smoothies

Balance Beyond Smoothie

As this Smoothie is high in chromium, it will help to keep your energy levels up rather than peaking and dipping, which leaves you feeling exhausted. The Maca Powder helps support depleted adrenal glands that can struggle if you are up and down throughout the day. This smoothie is also high in other blood sugar-friendly nutrients to help keep you alert and at optimum health!

Balanced Beyond


a ΒΌ of a watermelon (rind removed)
a small handful of sprouted sunflower seeds (or something similar)
1 x cup (150 g) of frozen blueberries or raspberries
a handful of spinach
1 x tsp maca powder
1 x tsp chlorella powder


This smoothie is so easy to make, just put all your ingredients in the blender and blend and you have yourself a delicious Balanced Beyond Smoothie!

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