Green Smoothies

Enjoy This Healthy Simply Green Smoothie

simple green smoothie

This mildly sweet smoothie combined with pear and tart green grapes, will give your taste buds a little adventure.
The best part is these two fruits are naturally sweet and tasty. But also, they are low on the glycemic
index. Feel free to keep the skin on the pear for extra fiber, or peel it for a smoother, less gritty
green smoothie.

Simply Green (Serves 2)


2 x cups of spinach
1 x cup of water
2 x cups of green grapes *
1 x ripe pear, halved and cored *


1. Blend the spinach, water, and grapes until smooth.
2. Add the pear and blend again.


Wash, measure, and freeze grapes to preserve peak ripeness; then you’ll have nature’s sweet
little ice cubes.