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Detox Smoothies

The Spring Cleaner

The ingredients of this wonderful detoxing smoothie will have you feeling detoxed in no time. Psyllium Husk gives your colon a good old scrub as it passes...

Healing Smoothies

Balance Beyond Smoothie

As this Smoothie is high in chromium, it will help to keep your energy levels up rather than peaking and dipping, which leaves you feeling exhausted. The Maca...

Detox Smoothies

Avocado Pick Me Up

This smoothie is going to be great to restore your mind and body after any night out. Often your blood sugar is a problem after a night out on the town, which...

Detox Smoothies

This is a Detox Special

When your hair is lank, your skin looks dull and you just don’t feel yourself, a restorative —and delicious—intake of vitamins A and C is just what the doctor...

Example document how to be healthy by going on a sugar detox