If you are having trouble fitting your 5-a-day into your daily diet, I recommend adding a smoothie or two. Your body will thank you for it I guarantee you. You should experiment by adding different fruits and vegetables. Different herbs and spices. And different super-foods. You will be surprised by the benefits.

Why I don’t count my calories.
When we focus on counting calories or tracking points, we forget about what truly matters—essential vitamins and
nutrients. The simple truth is that calories are not equal. For example, you can gulp down a 100-
calorie soda or a 100-calorie green smoothie. Sure, they have the same number of calories, but the
differences in their health benefits are drastic.
The soda fills your body with sodium and processed sugar that spike your blood sugar levels and
cause you to crave more of it. A green smoothie fills your body with vitamins A and C, potassium,
calcium, and fiber—which fill you up, stabilize your blood sugar levels, and energize your body
naturally. This is why I focus on nutrients, not calories.
If weight loss is a goal, you can happily achieve this without counting calories. Yep, I said it!

The Mission of Smoothies To Lose Weight..

There are so many different combinations of fruits and vegetables and super-foods to choose from when deciding what smoothie to make. You can practically throw anything together – and Bam! You have yourself a smoothie. But if you want to make yourself a delicious smoothie then take a look through smoothies to lose weight. Although the title may seem slightly misleading, I guarantee you it isn’t. If you cut out the junk and fatty fast foods from your diet and replace them with healthy foods and incorporate healthy smoothies into your diet, you will for sure lose weight. Not only will you lose weight, but you will also feel and look great.